WHO WE ARE (An overview)


Senior Education Ministries Inc. offers weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual educational programs at no charge to it's senior citizens.  We  aspire to strengthen each person's knowledge.  We strive to provide tools to ensure confidence and joy at every point in a senior's life. We will encourage  personal and spiritual growth through prayer,  study, and active service in our community.

We do NOT proselytize. We DO open our programs with prayer (as part of our Christian ministry format)-however we tell the attendees that if they don't want to participate in the prayer, they should adjust themselves accordingly.

Additionally, we do inform the attendees of why the programs are FREE. They can make the informed choice as to what part or parts thereof they'd choose to accept or not. The programs are FREE, because as a Christian organization we are serving by example. We are extending God's grace and God's grace is FREE. To charge for the program would imply that God's grace is available for a price.

Organizational Statement of Faith:
We are a faith based ministry, dependent on our Lord as He supplies through the gifts of many concerned Individuals. Our mission is to provide educational assistance, information, services, and resource linkage  to empower independence for the senior citizen and veteran communities in an effort to enhance their quality of life while fostering learning and fellowship in a safe environment.

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