WHO WE ARE (Service projects)


An educational program that welcomes the local public to get to know the doctor(s)/speaker(s) of the month while enjoying a free meal. Each doctor/ speaker has graciously donated time in an effort to listen, hear, and answer questions while sharing a meal with the public. Various community businesses also participate by donating door prizes or a complimentary meal for the public to enjoy. They also provide valuable information about their services and/or products that might be beneficial to the senior's needs. Speaker's Bureau presentors are scheduled in various communities to address the non-physician related educational requests. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO SET UP AND SERVE THE MEAL, PASS OUT HAND-OUTS, RUN AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT, HELP WITH SIGN-IN AND CLEAN UP. (see dinewithadoc.com)


Lunch with a Lawyer is a FREE educational program that welcomes you, the local senior public to hear the lawyer of the quarter provide an educational legal presentation while you enjoy lunch. Each attorney has graciously donated this time in effort to listen, hear, and answer your legal questions while sharing a meal with you. Just bring a questioning mind, an appetite and perhaps a friend. The Lunch with a Lawyer program was designed to allow the seniors to get out of their homes, fellowship with their peers, extend their available financial resources, promote enhanced living, and educate them (from a preventative standpoint) with the goal of ensuring their quality of life and providing them with the resources and protective information to make an informed. A complimentary lunch will be served at each program. ...click for more

PASSION IN THE PARK ( Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Easter Week)

Experience The Passion of Christ's Love for The World, in This Beautiful Drama! WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO ASSIST WITH THIS COMMUNITY ENDEAVOR. ...click for more

SCAM AND FRAUD EDUCATION PROGRAM [S.A.F.E.] (check with organization for date)

Scam And Fraud Education Program (S.A.F.E.): A themed annual event for seniors to protect them against frauds and scams that are targeting them. We need volunteers for set up day before, tear down day of event, and during the event to assist seniors as needed. ...click for more


Created to provide the opportunity for our community to be heroes and enhance the quality of life for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease. The public is invited to a picnic complete with refreshments and entertainment. It is requested to bring a teddy bear as a gift for an Alzheimer’s patient when you attend. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO SEW RECIPROCAL BEARS TO GIVE WHEN TEDDY BEAR BROUGHT FOR RESIDENT. ALSO VOLUNTEERS TO VISIT WITH ALZHEIMER'S PATIENTS ON AN ONGOING BASIS. ...click for more


We are looking for volunteers to donate 1 hour per week to visit individuals who live in nursing homes, assisted living, retirement homes, to help make a difference in their lives. Activities include: bible reading, running errands, visitation, and prayer.