An educational program that welcomes the local public to get to know the doctor(s)/speaker(s) of the month while enjoying a free meal. Each doctor/ speaker has graciously donated time in an effort to listen, hear, and answer questions while sharing a meal with the public. Various community businesses also participate by donating door prizes or a complimentary meal for the public to enjoy. They also provide valuable information about their services and/or products that might be beneficial to the senior's needs. Speaker's Bureau presentors are scheduled in various communities to address the non-physician related educational requests. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO SET UP AND SERVE THE MEAL, PASS OUT HAND-OUTS, RUN AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT, HELP WITH SIGN-IN AND CLEAN UP.
See dinewithadoc.com for more info, or check out our Facebook page.

Last will and testimony
Scam and fraud education
Lunch with a lawyer
Passion in the park
Teddy bear picnic
Signing for the Savior