Free educational inservice “Last Will and Testimony” will be offered at Senior Education Ministries office 4310 S. 11th St. in Terre Haute, Indiana from 9:00a-3:30pm . “LAST WILL AND TESTIMONY” is a 4-part program designed to provide resources so one can make informed choices regarding long range planning. This full day class will be presented with a complementary lunch and will cover four specific parts.

Part one:

Senior Law Instruction includes information about Senior Rights, Medicaid, Medicare, and senior living arrangements.

Part two:

Asset Protection details Health and Life Insurance for your time here on Earth, Keys to successful investing, Tax efficient transfers of wealth without a revocable trust, How to title assets to accomplish your goals.

Part three:

Vital Documents to provide tools and instruction: This section will focus on Wills and Trusts-what they will and won’t do for you, Power of Attorney’s –what everyone needs, etc to prepare for end of life. Participants will be instructed re: regarding living wills, funeral planning-specifically explaining the difference between pre-planning and pre-paying, benefits to pre-planning, the advantages of pre-paying and how to do both. Additionally, cremation and green burials will be discussed as well.

Part four:

Eternal Living Accommodations provides information to ensure peace of mind and offer information to ensure "POST" life assurance.

Class size is limited: Please call 812-917-4970 to reserve your place. Toll free 1-877-223-6109 Classes will be taught by Rick Brewster (Frisse and Brewster Law Offices -specializing in Elder Law); Brian Hewitt (Soc Sec. Adm), area funeral home, area hospice/home care, area nursing home/assisted living, etc.

A lunch will be provided. Upon completion of the classroom presentation, participants will receive a certificate. Class will be offered annually in August/September every year. Reservations will be necessary to ensure handout materials. For More information contact Senior Education Ministries 812-917-4970 or Toll free 1-877-223-6109

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