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What is Purple Harp®: It is a therapeutic music program whose objectives are to help veterans, who have served and now live with PSTD, anxiety, stress, and/or depression, cope with or lessen their symptoms by introducing them to therapeutic music.
Did you know?
  • Music can change behavior. In fact, the right kind of music can turn depression into joy, anger to calmness, hate to love, and fear to courage.
  • Music has an effect on people and it can soothe and take away feelings of frustration and anger.
  • Music can also make a difference in alleviating tension.
    • Therapeutic music showed positive results in a pilot study that was supported by the Veterans Administration. As a result of being exposed to music, Veterans reported they were able to reconnect with feelings, increase self-understanding, improve concentration, and/or achieve a sense of relaxation during Guided Imagery and Music.
    • Furthermore, results showed a positive benefit in relieving PTSD symptoms.
    • Findings also suggested that the music was effective in reducing depression symptoms and improving health-related quality of life.
  • That's the concept behind this therapeutic music program for our veterans.
    • Service personnel have an identity and a purpose when they are drafted or choose to enlist in serving their country. That identity / purpose changes when they are no longer on active duty.
    • Some service personnel experience a loss as a result of the change in active duty status .
    • Many individuals have encountered emotional issues (PTSD) as a result of their deployments, separation from families, losses, etc.
    • At times the emotional issues can take a primary focus in the veteran's life and as a result the veteran copes in a variety of unhealthy ways.
  • The Purple Harp® program can AND will restore joy and enhance their overall quality of life giving the veteran a more healthy way to cope with their emotional issues.
  • Objectives for participants include:
    • relieving stress through interaction with music (individually or in a group setting) ;
    • acquiring skills to play an instrument of your choice which can lead to ongoing self-guided instrument-playing, enjoyment, and feelings of worth.
    • improved ability to cope with emotional, physical and social issues related to deployment, losses, changes in environment/ home situations, etc; and
    • establishing and maintaining involvement with a growing supportive community that supports the Veteran population
    • Fellowship with and in the community through interactive music and social events.
  • We're looking for veterans who would like to learn to play an instrument to enhance their quality of life.
  • We're looking for individuals and businesses to sponsor a veteran and ensure that he/she receives an instrument, instruction and therapy if needed.
  • We're looking for businesses to donate musical instruments
  • We're looking for individuals to teach a veteran how to play an instrument
  • We're looking for YOU!.
  • Contact our Veteran Liaison Bill Wallace for more information or if you're a veteran interested in the Purple Harp program.

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